Behind imurchan is artist and photographer Ingrid Mur. I specialise in arts and events documentary photography for both individuals and organisations looking for images full of colour, emotion and visual impact. I'm a creative person who likes working with other creative people, always embracing new opportunities to connect with the arts community in Glasgow and Scotland. 
I work closely with arts organisations to cover a wide range of events from festivals and live music to dance and theatre promotion, from film production stills to social and family events. Clients and collaborations include:
Glasgow Film Festival • National Theatre of Scotland • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
 • Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival • Matchbox Cineclub • Glasgow Short Film Festival • Fesmspectives • The National Trust for Scotland • The Village Storytelling Centre • Dumfries & Galloway Council • The Skinny Magazine • Bridges Programmes • Aconite Productions • Toonspeak Theatre • Insider Festival • Market Gallery • Rave Child • The Lighthouse • Tramway • Surge Theatre Festival • Playwright's Studio Scotland • Wasps Studios • Arika